Welcome to everyone from my desk here on a ‘warm’ October weekend. Adelaide has been experiencing the first of some spring warmth which is very much appreciated after a long winter.
Some of my news for this month is entwined with news from our company site, ‘Interdec Australia’ as much of my time this month has been spent trying to add new photos to the ‘Interdec’ website which will now be selling a much wider range of ‘Debbi Good’ products.
Interdec Australia will now be representing “Debbi Good” in several categories of their product lines including:  brushes, colours, golds and lustres, oils and mediums and painting accessories as well as bone china and porcelain.
To eliminate confusion the ‘Fay Good’ brand will no longer be available under that name – we are maintaining all of the existing colours and products however they will be sold under the ‘Debbi Good’ name. This has been something that we have been slowly integrating anyway, but you will see that all of the products have now been altered to incorporate my name.
Please check out the ‘Interdec’ website : interdec-australia.com.au  we are updating at the moment on a daily basis and also adding new products to our range which will be on-going.
I have introduced some new wipe out tools this month to my range.


All of these products have been listed on the Interdec website already and are available to purchase. I particularly love the miniature set of wipe out tools – they are great for using when painting animals. 
Also during a seminar I was asked if the double ended wipe out tool that I sold had a hard wipe out, as a particularly popular American brand had changed their manufacturing and somewhere along the line the double ended wipeout tools that they were currently selling were too soft to wipe away the paint – which I totally agreed with. 
So I now have a double ended wipe out tool that we are all familiar with in that the rubber is hard and holds the paint back giving a clean solid wipe out. 
In other news I recently attended the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers (S.A.) monthly meeting for September. This is a lovely group of very dedicated teachers and they would love for anyone considering joining to get in touch. The number to call is 0403 765 381 which is the club number, they are happy to answer any questions or queries about APAT. SA
I will also be demonstrating this year at the Iris Show here in Adelaide on the 26-27th of October. The venue is the Goodwood Community Centre behind the library on Goodwood Road. I will be there from 1pm until 3.30 on both days… please feel free to come along and support myself and APAT.
So until November – I cannot believe that the shops have their Christmas decorations in already… I wish you all well, best wishes and Happy Painting
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