‘Hi’ to everyone reading this blog, November has just commenced and there has been lots happening at ‘Interdec’ as well as for myself over the past month and it is looking like November and December are not going to be an exception to this. 

At the end of October I demonstrated at the Iris show held in Goodwood, Adelaide, I would like to express my ‘thanks’ for their help and support at this event. 
The next meeting for ‘APAT’ members here in South Australia will be 29th November which I am very much looking forward to, the general meeting will commence at 11.00 followed by a Christmas lunch at 12.30
The ‘South Australian China Painters Association’ SACPA will be holding their next two meetings on the second Saturday of each month, so for this month it will be the 9th November commencing at 1.30.
They are also holding a Christmas lunch on the second Saturday of December where you are asked to take a plate of food. The venue is the club rooms at 259 Portrush Road, Buttery Reserve, Norwood.
Anyone wishing to join this group are welcome. The subscription is $30 a year, payable in February/March. If you are interested please contact Barbara Shepherdson on : 08 82941119
Here at ‘Interdec’ Christmas has arrived… we are looking very festive and are possibly only missing a traditional ‘fireplace’. 
The specials we have this month therefore have a ‘festive’ touch. Please feel free to check out our ‘Interdec’ website to make any purchases of ‘Debbi Good’ products.
JPN 262 is a 6 1/2 inch hexagonal vase normally priced at $13.90 AU and for this month will be $8.99 AU


JPN 17 is a ’small’ coffee mug perfect for a ’short black’ coffee. Normally priced at $3.95 AU for this month they will be 2.99


Our final special is a must for any cat lover ..
JPN 582 which is a  2” diameter ‘Cat sitting in a teacup and saucer ornamen’t. Normally priced at $1.99 AU it is now reduced to our November price of .99c AU


Hoping that everyone has a great November and looking forward to catching up again for the last blog of this year at the beginning of December. 
Until then ‘Happy Painting’ and best wishes


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