As we enter September 2019, here at my studio I have been busy looking at our stock items and checking quantities and prices.
It has been some time since the stock at Interdec has been reviewed and we are finally at the point where all of the items that we carry are now on display in our showroom in Marleston, South Australia, complete with prices.
Along with this we have made many changes to the prices of our porcelain and bone china, and we have added all of these alterations to the products shown at the showroom and also on our ‘Interdec’ website.
I hope you will take time to check out these sections, the prices are in Australian dollars so you will need to calculate the currency difference if ordering from overseas.


This month we have concentrated predominantly on our tea and coffee sets. The following are our ’specials’ for the month of September:

JPN 384 :  

Comprises: Coffee Pot, Sugar bowl with lid, Milk jug and six cups and saucers.  $59.99 View the product here over at Interdec.

JPN 565 :

Comprises : Large tray (15” x 7” or 380mm x 180mm), Tea/Coffee pot, Sugar bowl with lid, milk jug and two cups and saucers. $59.99 View the product here over at Interdec. 

NEW !!!

JPN 625:

Comprises : Sugar bowl, Milk jug and 4 cups and saucers  $16.99


JPN 215 :

Porcelain Jug (10” in height or 255mm) and Bowl (11” or 280mm diameter) set. $65.99 View the product here over at Interdec.

As we go to print the APAT Porcelain show is in full swing at Twin towers, Coolangatta, Queensland. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judy Seymour for representing me there, especially as she had some last minute products sent to her which she very kindly accommodated for me.
Moving forward, Judy is happy to represent the ‘Debbi Good’ range of products at Bette’s China, based in Mont Albert, Melbourne, Australia. She is available to help anyone wishing to purchase from a selection of my products from her there in Victoria.
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